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The genre of sporting art includes the worlds of horses, racing, flat and jumping, dogs, wildlife, hunting (both of the fox on horseback and of fowl), and the show world of hunters and jumpers.

If you would like your horse in a finish line scene, or in a composition that includes a particular scene and other subjects in it, I can work from a variety of reference photos to create a unique scene from the career of your horse.

"Georgie's Angel" Oil, 18" x 20", Private Collection
"Going to the Gate" 30" x 40" Oil. This scene depicts Coach Rags, a home bred chestnut of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Krantz. Aboard is a jockey wearing the silks of Mrs. Vickie Krantz.
"The Final Turn" 6' x 42" Oil on linen, collection of Siena Farm, Mr. Anthony Manganaro, Paris, Kentucky. This scene depicts the leader (grey horse) taking an unfortunate (but injury free) spill at the final turn of the Palio races in Siena, Italy. The red and gold jockey will be the eventual winner.

Everything is authentically portrayed with the exception of the rider in red and gold silks. Each rider represents a contrada, a neighborhood, and wears silks of very ancient designs. The colors red and gold represent Mr. Manganaro's racing silks.
Sporting Art