Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered Photographs
20" x 30" $125
16" x 20" $100

These sizes are not numbered and will be signed and dated by hand:

13" x 19" $70
12" x 18" $60
11" x 14" $50
8" x 12" $40
8" x 10" $30
5" x 7" $20
4" x 6" $15

Into The Corn

Huntsman Guy Allman watches from the edge of the field as the hounds are cast into the corn barely after sunrise.

Calling All Hounds

Huntsman Guy Allman calls the last remaining stragglers of the pack before heading home.

A Chilly Steamy Morning

Huntsman Guy Allman collects the hounds while at a stop, the horses in the field steam up.
Nor Rain, Sleet or Snow

Huntsman Guy Allman moves to the next covert as a momentarily light snow falls upon the scene.

A Foggy Morning Gallop

A member of the Blue Ridge moving on to the next covert.

Flash of Scarlet and Grey

Guy Allman, the Blue Ridge Hunt's huntsman early in the morning moments after we viewed the fox cross the path right in front of him, the field is watching quietly in the background before the chorus begins.
Sun Rise II

The horses are listening to the huntsman's horn in the near distance.
Moving Off

Huntsman Guy Allman moves to the next covert.

Sun Rise I
Limited Edition Photographs
Nearly three years ago I joined the Blue Ridge Hunt to enjoy the sport from behind a camera. After taking over 25,000 photos, some of them I feel are worthy of publication. Prints will be processed on quality photo paper, signed and numbered (edition limited to 100), and mailed in a large tube. Please note: The images are simply framed with suggested tones of color for matting and framing. The prints are sold unframed.

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I have a new retail website devoted to the images I take out in the field following the hunts, or the occasional equestrian activity, or an event of interest. They are available for sale through SmugMug and their quality is superior.

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