"It's Showtime!"
36" H x 26 W", charcoal/pastel on matt board
"He's Smokin!"
36" x 26", charcoal and pastel on matt board
"Flash of White"
26" x 36", charcoal/pastel on matt board
Other Work
"No 5'"
36" x 26", charcoal and pastel on matt board
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Northern Virginia
"King of the Hill'"
30" x 40" Oil
"The New Arrival'"
30" x 40" Oil
"Study of Lights and Darks'"
30" x 40" Charcoal
"Lucy and Chocolate Drop, the donkey'"
24" x 30" Oil
"Overlooking a foggy morning"
30" x 40" Oil on linen

This scene depicts some angus cows and their calves on a hillside high above a river in Kentucky.

"A Young Man"
24" x 30" Oil on linen - One of a Pair of Portraits

This photo shows in progress the copying of the original portrait done by another artist. Due to family circumstances, the father was no longer able to keep this particular portrait and wished to have it copied so that it be seen along with his brother's portrait. Because I could see the original up close, I was able to make a pretty accurate copy of the original and framed in the same frame, the history fades and the image remains fresh.