12" x 10" Oil on linen
Collection of Jt-MFH Anne McIntosh
Blue Ridge Hunt
The sport of foxhunting has captured my imagination unlike any other equestrian activity. Foxes are very interesting creatures! And what a wonderful breed of canine foxhounds are, playful, sweet, filled with energy and enthusiasm, and what a face!

8" x 14"" Oil on line
Collection of Bird Mattingly
Foxhound Group

Oil on linen, 12" x 24"
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Duncan
Can I Play?

30" x 40" Oil on linen
Collection of Winchester Place Farm, Paris, KY
Catch Me If You Can!

Oil on Linen, 14" x 11"
Collection of Anne McIntosh, Jt-MFH, Blue Ridge Hunt
Surprise! Surprise!

Oil on Linen, 9" x 14"
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Duncan
I See You!

Oil on Linen, 6" x 8"
Private Collection
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Northern Virginia
Foxes and Foxhounds
Out of the Fog
Oil 8" x 16"
Hot On The Line

Oil 8" x 16"
Collection of Page Etchison
Sometimes I am intruiged with a scene or pose I have to do it in different versions with different backgrounds. When a hound picks up a scent, he "speaks" but yelping quick high pitched bursts of sound, called "harks." It alerts the others to join him and follow in line.